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Established in 2014 as Bright Traders and rechristened to Endurance Hygiene Solutions in 2020 as a private limited company, we are the sole distributor of Atlantic Care Chemicals’ hygiene solutions and service provider in the state of Kerala. Over 100-plus industry partners, many of them who are a brand by themselves in their respective industries bear testament to our remarkable accomplishment as the most trusted provider of value-for-money hygiene solutions.

We had to compete against multiple odds. There were 100-plus years old established brands who were ruling the roost with unchallenged monopoly as well as unscrupulous local players masquerading as an offshoot of our principals and tarnishing our reputation, even as both the hospitality and health care sectors in Kerala were growing at an unprecedented pace. Kerala was gaining recognition worldwide as truly "God's Own Country" not only for its uniquely exotic holiday destinations but also for world-class medical professionals and cost-effective super-specialty hospitals.

Of course, gaining a foothold in the market as a newcomer with a relatively littleknown brand at that time such as Atlantic Care Chemicals and competing against established behemoths in the arena was indeed a challenge. Nevertheless, as the famous expression in English goes, "When the going gets tough, the tough get going," we rolled up our sleeves and got down to work in right earnest, putting our hearts and souls into it.

The consistently innovative quality standards of Atlantic Care Chemicals and the superb, unstinted support extended to us as distributors went a long way in helping us establish it as a brand to reckon with. This coupled with the grit, determination, and ingenuity of our exemplary workforce working together as an A-team helped us establish Atlantic Care Chemicals' products as the second-largest player in the market within six years of commencing operations.

Today, our enterprise is a professionally managed private limited company with everyday operations run like a well-oiled machine and it is continuing to grow, despite the setbacks both in the hospitality and healthcare sectors.

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